Welcome to Nani’s Iced Tea!

A Family Tradition

In every family, there’s a taste that evokes the most profound memories. That’s what my Nani’s iced tea is to me. Growing up, my grandmother was the closest person to me. 

Steeped in History

Nani was a Sicilian immigrant and an incredible cook.

In the warmer months, she would ask me to go outside and pick a handful of mint. Then, back in the kitchen, I would watch her add the sugar, cut the lemons, and into the refrigerator it went to chill for dinner.

I recreate that love and share it with you. I began bottling it in 2013, but just as things were taking off, my bottler closed. It was the beginning of an end. I had another brief run in 2017, but more bottling challenges. Thankfully, I’m stubborn like my grandmother and never gave up on finding a way to bring the tea back. She gifted it to me, as a way to continue looking after me and my family. I couldn't walk away.  

Thank you for loving this tea. Your incredible support and patience has brought Nani’s back to market, and I am excited to share it with you once again—this time, for good.

About Us

I was finally encouraged to create my own bottling space right here in downtown Albany. It’s a dream to be able to bottle my grandmother's tea a few minutes away from where my grandparents lived and raised their family.  

I met Ed and Lisa Mitzen after 18 months of getting turned down for grants and loans. Their team at Business for Good helped me secure the capital to purchase my machinery, and I couldn’t be more grateful.  

What that means for you is that there will never be another interruption in production. We’re able to make the tea in-house and get it directly onto the shelves and into your cups. 

We’re excited to announce that our tea is back in market after five years! Your support, patience, and love are so humbling. Please look for Nani’s Iced Tea in our old favorite spots and visit new locations as we grow.  

Moving forward, I will post where we will be doing tastings! Please follow us on social media for updates, general info, and our support for other local small businesses in the Capital Region.

The two Marias, Nani, and me

Thank you to our valued local businesses throughout the Capital Region who continue to support this dream.

• 518 Pallet Food Truck
• Albany Distilling Co. Bar & BottleShop
• Andrew's Burger Shed
• Bread Basket Bakery
• Christies on the Lake
• DeFazio’s
• Delmar Marketplace
• Eddie F's
• Emack and Bolios
• Famiglias Deli
• Fat Paulie’s Deli
• Hattie's Restaurants
• Honest Weight Food CoOp

• Jack Barry's American Pub
• La Gioias's Italian Deli
• Miranda's Deli
• Mr. Bumbles
• Pablo's Burrito Cantina
• PDT Market
• Primrose Café
• Ragonese Imports
• Rooted and Rind
• Schenectady Trading Company
• The Grove Bistro
• Vendor Square
• Wizard Burger

Please check back here as we grow and add more locations.